Revealed: The secret I discovered that I used to lose 20 kilos and drop 4 jean sizes, without cravings, or feeling hungry.

Hi, my name is Vix and I've got an unusual weight loss story to share with you today.

My story is about how I transformed my own body by doing the exact opposite of what they tell you to do in magazines, on the internet or what you have heard from the weight loss industry.
And if you are thinking, "I bet I have already heard this stuff" I can guarantee you haven't...
This little known secret is completely different and almost no one knows about it.

I am sharing my story because it might be similar to your own...

This page will not be up forever so please read it while you can...and by the end of this page I will do more than just tell you a story...
I will share with you the solution I discovered.
I am bit different to most “Fitness Gurus”.

I have personally struggled to change my own body.

Gym classes, workouts, diets, running…I tried it all and nothing was working to change my body.

If you are like me and you have tried everything to slim down and tone up, then you know how frustrating it can be.
I was only able to get results when I ditched all that useless advice you get in magazines and online from so called “fitness celebrities”.

Instead I created an eating and workout system that went against everything else you will see and hear about getting into shape…
Using this system, I was finally able to slim down, tone up and lose 20kgs.
I am still a bit embarrassed about sharing my own "before" photo but here it is:
The best thing about my system is that I found out it didn’t just work for me, it worked for other people as well.

For the last 14 years I have shared my system with thousands of women who felt stuck, just like I did, and I helped them to dramatically change their bodies.

Here are just some of the women who have achieved amazing results from my system.
I became a personal trainer, set up my body transformation gym, and then my online programs.
The Secret of a Slimdown Bar
When I lost those 20kgs I discovered there is a way to slim down and tone up, without experiencing cravings, or ever feeling hungry.

I started having a special “slimdown bar” as one of my meals every day.
It was a special recipe I developed from pure, natural ingredients.

I calculated all the nutrients and picked the very best fat burning ingredients.
The best thing was my treat was making me feel full and beating my cravings.
Later I shared my bars with my clients and it helped them to slim down and tone up without feeling hungry or having cravings as well.

Here are more amazing results my clients have achieved…
Slimdown Bars
Now it is easy for everyone to use Slimdown Bars to totally transform their body…
  • I hand selected the ingredients from the best foods for burning fat.
  • I selected only pure ingredients that help to beat cravings.
  • I carefully adjusted the nutrients until they were just right so the bars leave you feeling full and satisfied.
  • The bars make it easy to eat a healthy meal anywhere, and at anytime, keeping your metabolism and energy levels high all day.
The bars are also perfect for an afternoon "pick me up".

And of course there is no added sugar and definitely no chemical nasties.​
Free Delivery
Delivery is Free and takes 4-5 working days for all parts of New Zealand.
Box of 10 Bars
Slimdown Bar Box
10 x Slimdown Bars
Free Delivery
$57.00 NZD
Value Pack (20 Bars)
Slimdown Bar Value Pack
20 x Slimdown Bars (Save $25)
Free Delivery
$89.00 NZD
Survivor Pack (40 Bars)
Slimdown Bar Survivor Pack
40 x Slimdown Bars (Save $69)
Free Delivery
$159.00 NZD
Free Delivery
Delivery is Free and takes 4-5 working days for all parts of New Zealand.

Once your order is on its way we also send you tracking information so you can track your package all the way to your front door.
Slimdown Bars are Response Mode Approved
You can have a Slimdown Bar to replace any 1 of your 5 daily meals on the Response Mode Meal Plans.

Slimdown Bars are also perfect for the Slim Down Challenge Programs.
Frequently Asked Questions
How can I order if I dont have a Paypal account?
You can pay via credit card without registering with Paypal first- Click here for the instructions>>
What are the Ingredients and Nutritional Information of Slimdown Bars?
Single Bar
1 x Slimdown Bar
* Free Delivery
*Single Bars Ship via Standard Aust Post and take 2-6 Business Days
(All boxes are shipped via next day Delivery)
How do I use a Slimdown Bar as part of the Response Mode Program?
Use a bar to replace any 1 of your 5 daily meals on the Response Mode Meal Plans.

Are the bars Gluten Free?

Are the bars Vegetarian?

Are the bars Vegan?

Are the bars Dairy Free?

Do the bars contain any added sugar?

How Long do Slimdown Bars Last?
Slimdown Bars are 100% natural product with no preservative added. Each batch lasts 6- 12 months from the purchase date.

The Best Before Date is printed on each box of bars.

Returns Policy

Slimdown Bars are a 100% Natural product and may contain whole nuts, nut chunks, date pits, parts of a date pit or shell fragments.

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